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Check out the pricing and package options. I like to cater for the toe-dippers and the occasional customers, but you will save money if you book a package of sessions with me.

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About Martin Sorenson

Martin Sorenson has been a personal trainer for more than ten years and he has helped hundreds of people of all ages and abilities. He believes that fitness should be a priority for everyone.

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Get in touch with me for information about weekly classes or personal training sessions. I bring the gym to you, and age is no barrier.

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"Giving me confidence"

“I have been training with Martin for over a year now and I believe that if I hadn’t met him I would have quit a long time ago. His desire and passion for what he does is amazing, and the fact he has read the type of person I am, and trains me accordingly is great, pushing me forward and giving me the confidence to reach higher goals than I would think possible on my own. “Martin is always available to answer any of my strange, annoying questions and has a weath of knowledge to draw on, giving informed answers has earns my trust in this regards, I know he has my well being and long term goals in mind and will answer to enable me to reach them. I look forward to training with Martin for many months and years to come!”

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Follow these fitness tips to stay in general shape. Remember that, while money is important, we are nothing without good health.

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Eat more to lose weight? Personal trainer Martin Sorenson explains how more frequent eating of the right food is better for losing weight. Read more tips…

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