Carol does lifts with the Olympic barbell

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Jeanette Couling with barbell

Jeanette Couling exercises in her Chichester garden with the Olympic barbell

Jeannette Couling, 70, can put many young people to shame. She likes to start the day with a workout.

Martin’s workouts are a great way to start off the day.

I have worked with Jeanette, in Chichester, on a number of occasions, helping her to keep fit. Age is not a barrier and why should it be?

Lou Rapley is another Chichester resident who doesn’t let age control her. Now 60, but 59 in these photos, Lou has been training with me for more than five years.

Lou Rapley running in Chichester

Lou Rapley is an experienced runner. I work with her on her general fitness.

Lou wrote this lovely testimonial for me: “Martin has trained me over the past year. My goal was to get back to running as I had lost confidence due to knee and ligament problems. Within 5 weeks I was back running 5k without fear of injury and feeling great.

“Martin’s personality is well suited to physical training as he is intuitive and motivational whilst making you feel at ease. Not only does he know his stuff, he is fun to be around and has trained all of my family at different times over the years. He is flexible, punctual and respectful.

“I look forward to our sessions together and I am feeling healthy, energised and young at heart again. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

Carol exercising with agility ladder

Carol exercises in a Chichester park with the agility ladder.

Why go to the gym if the gym can come to you?

I’ve been going to Chichester to personally train Lou and her husband Mike outdoors for five years. Lou has an uncanny ability to bring good weather with her – we nearly always start her session with a run for around 30 or 40 minutes.

The last part of the hour is spent working on strength, with kettle bells, core conditioning (with a TRX band), and working toward improving her flexibility.

After Lou’s hour I then work her husband (he’s not a runner, but is a fair sprinter) for improved functional ability with a mix of Olympic barbell, kettle bell, TRX band, bodyweight work such as press ups, and dumb bell work.

Mike can still touch his feet while standing and perform strict press-ups, which is good going for a man who’s now in his seventies.

Jeanette does exercises in her own home, indoors

Jeanette does exercises in her own home, indoors

Train whatever the weather, indoors or outdoors

If the weather’s good then happy days. But if it does turn wet then it needn’t put you off. I will work through any weather. If you decide that it’s too wet for you, I have plenty of ideas to keep you busy and get you fitter within the home.

These workouts will still remain a constant challenge whatever surprises the weather may hold. The “Turkish get up” with a kettle bell is a great test of fitness for any ability.

Carol does lifts with the Olympic barbell

Carol does lifts with the Olympic barbell

Carol Morrison is also in the Chichester area. She is a well established runner but needed to work on other weaker aspects of her fitness such as strength, power and agility. Carol is keen to work out no matter what the weather and always gives 100% effort.

Coming along in leaps and bounds

Carol’s power has greatly improved since she started working her agility through use of an agility ladder and also developing her sprint ability by incorporated plyometrics through bounding.

Carol on the hurdles

Carol on the hurdles

There are many benefits of working outdoors and Chichester has many areas which allow for this aspect.

Interested in getting some fresh air as you exercise?

Contact me on

O7809240535 for details of my coaching packages or email me at


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