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General nutrition tips

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Here are some basic nutrition tips to help you through your daily life.

Hungry? Or dehydrated?

Do not confuse hunger with thirst. Often times people believe themselves to be hungry when they are dehydrated. Thirst is a weak mechanism and once you are thirsty it’s too late, you are already dehydrated. Try to consume six pints of water per day. At first it will mean more visits to the toilet but you will soon get used to this.

Avoid late night comfort food

To get on the leaner side try to avoid sugary or starchy snacks or foods that contain too much carbohydrates, especially last thing at night. As your body does not require this amount of energy at this time, and it will affect insulin levels. Instead, try to eat foods that are high in protein, particularly if you are training to increase muscle mass.

Think about drink

Try to limit your alcohol intake to just weekends or to three nights a week maximum. Not only will this allow your liver to rest and return to normal function (repair), it will lead to less sleep disruptions too.

Follow these nutrition rules

To go one further towards getting leaner, try to get used to the following rules. They will require discipline and are easier said than done.

  • Limit or eliminate carbohydrate intake after 2pm in the afternoon
  • When you eat, try not to over-feed yourself. Try to NEVER fill yourself up. The old adage “stay hungry” has a surprising amount of truth to it when trying to get leaner.

Don’t rush to the sugar

Try to avoid foods that are high in sugar or foods with low nutritional value. While sugary treats give a brief energy rush, it is short lived and energy levels will flag within less than an hour. This will then leave you feeling sleepy. Crisps are high in salt, which raises blood pressure, and vegetable oil, which is high in cholesterol. Better options include cashew nuts, Brazil nuts, olives, seeds or dried fruits.

Go fishin’ for nutrition

Again in relationship to getting leaner, fish should be the first food of choice. And in addition it is a great food for brain function. Try mackerel, kippers, salmon, haddock and prawns.

Top up those nutrients

Remember the importance of “Macro nutrients” – these aid skin regeneration, hair and nail health, digestion and many other things. Multi vitamins, cod liver oil, flaxseed oil, and b vitamin complex are all worthy supplementation.

Eat more often, lose weight more

Try to avoid long spells without eating if you are trying to lose weight. This is a hard one to get your head around as you would think that starving your body would help to lose weight, but it is not that simple. If you go for many hours without eating it can play havoc with your metabolism, pushing it into “starvation mode”.

If your body goes for four hours or more with no food it will sense it’s being starved and convert more of your food on next feeding into fat cells, defeating the object. This is not to be confused with “intermittent fasting”, which does carry health benefits if done properly.

Feed your metabolism, not your urges

Try to eat little and often. Every 3 or so hours throughout the entire day. This will help to speed up your metabolism which will aid overall weight loss. Often people who are very overweight are NOT eating enough. This comes as a shock to many.

Choose your bread carefully

Try particularly to cut out bread, particularly white bread. White bread is bleached and has had all of the vitamin B complex milled out of it. Your body has a hard time digesting white bread, often leaving people with a bloated stomach. Try to either eliminate it or replace it with wholemeal bread instead.

Contact me on

O7809240535 for details of my coaching packages or email me at

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