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Current update, how I am currently training

Taking stock after winning my first contest, a full assessment after my second competition revealed that the onus would be switched on to gaining extra size on the arms for most of the following year, leading up to the 2016 contest. (Time goes fast!, and it was nearly a year ago now that I competed last.)

I decided to not compete in the August 2015 competition. I am more concerned with spectating and learning off others with regards to mandatory posing and other issues. I wanted a different viewpoint that did not involve me being up on the stage!

The areas of the body that look most impressive when brought up to speed and can even be allowed to get more “out of proportion” to the rest and will really win points is through the attainment of massive arms and shoulders. Luckily for me, training these areas is also a great deal of fun compared with many other parts.

Building up shoulders and arms

For instance, if a guy comes in with the same size legs as another bodybuilder, it will be the guy with the more impressive upper body who will win more points.

Therefore I mapped out a further year of training between Sean and myself and included the following  phases. Each phase to last approximately three months.

Phase 1: No cardio, base build brachs, start training up biceps and triceps.

Strong work on upper outer chest, deltoids and calves. Width is the key now too, so you are strictly adhering to pull-downs OR chins and bent-over rows/T-bar rows.

By the end of the first cycle (after three months) I had all but achieved sixteen-inch arms and these were “un-pumped” measurements.

Phase2: Diet will be lean gains to replace the fat loss with muscle.

Forearms and triceps get trained up with some further solidification on the brachs. The point here will be to let the base building “set” on the brachs while giving the triceps a chance to get ahead of the pack. Your forearms are going to need some focus too. Same things on the rest of you: Upper outer chest, deltoids and calves. Pull-downs/chins and EZ bar rows/T-bar rows.

Phase 3: Super heavy mass.

Diet is on target and mean.

Phase 4: Focus on arm gaining overall.

Focus on gaining arm strength and size and paying attention to the development of the outer heads of biceps and triceps along with increasing overall mass in the forearms. Again, upper outer chest, deltoids and calves. Pull-downs/chins and EZ bar rows/T-bar rows.

Then, cut.

The results

I have already stuck with a few months of the above and got onto the second phase, and it is really delivering as I seem to have bigger arms currently at more or less the same body weight as when I competed. So far the training plan has really delivered and I am looking forward to seeing through a whole year of this “specialisation” work.

Big arms phase

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