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What to expect from the first three months of training

Many people give up gym-going weeks after starting, because of these common problems. Read personal trainer Martin Sorenson’s tips on what to expect after three months of gym.


My third bodybuilding show – Gosport 2016

It had been just over two years since I last competed in this same bodybuilding show, and had won my class back then.

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Personal training in Chichester – rain or shine

Jeannette Couling, 70, can put many young people to shame. She likes to start the day with a workout. Martin’s workouts are a great way to start off the day. I have worked with Jeanette, in Chichester, on a number of occasions, helping her to keep fit. Age is not a barrier and why should

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Current update, how I am currently training

Taking stock after winning my first contest, a full assessment after my second competition revealed that the onus would be switched on to gaining extra size on the arms for most of the following year, leading up to the 2016 contest. (Time goes fast!, and it was nearly a year ago now that I competed

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A year of bodybuilder training for competition

As part of my training for the bodybuilding competition, I completed, in this order, these cycles, which each lasted anywhere between two and four months. 1) Holding steady, working weak points Duration: 4 months A specialist routine concentrating on specific areas. Here I concentrated on shoulders and chest and calve work among over things. *Note, I had been working

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Getting into bodybuilding competition

This story follows part one – How I got into fitness. Like father like son. Though I had been strength training and keeping in shape for MANY years, I had unfortunately gotten a bit “over fat” and it was around this time in 2009 I corresponded through a bodybuilding forum with an American guy, Sean Toohey. He’s

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How I got into fitness. Like father like son

Why did this thing ever get started? I had oftentimes reflected. It wasn’t until I was 18 years old that I would actually start to train, for bodybuilding and strength, but I have done ever since, and for more than 24 years since. My dad was a weightlifter, first and foremost, when I was young. He

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Getting back to basics with spinal flexion

These two photos show a couple of my clients doing an exercise called spinal flexion. While it looks plain awkward it is a fairly fool-proof back developer that protects your back from all manner of injuries. The exercise appears to be terribly bad posture and clearly displays rounding of shoulders. But in this Pilates style of exercise, the “bad

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General fitness tips

Follow these fitness tips to stay in general shape. Getting into exercise If you are entirely new to exercise, break into it gently at first. A little to start with is sensible and work up from there. It takes a long time to get appreciable results, and a great deal of regularity in training too.

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General nutrition tips

Here are some basic nutrition tips to help you through your daily life. Hungry? Or dehydrated? Do not confuse hunger with thirst. Often times people believe themselves to be hungry when they are dehydrated. Thirst is a weak mechanism and once you are thirsty it’s too late, you are already dehydrated. Try to consume six

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