Client testimonials

Achieved my goal

“Martin is a personal trainer who really plans training to meet individual goals, whilst ensuring you optimise opportunities for keeping fit and healthy. He is very reliable and has a good rapport and understanding that encourages you to feel motivated and to work hard. My goal was to lose weight and increase my fitness levels. Martin constructed a training plan using a mix of strength and aerobic exercises that have enabled me to reach my goal.

“Martin was understanding whenever my training had not gone to plan and did not make me feel guilty but encouraged me you to remain focused on my goal and keep going. He also checked that I was not getting bored with my programme and changed the plan as my levels of fitness increased. I would definitely recommend Martin as a personal trainer. He is enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and his warm sense of humour made my training sessions enjoyable.

Jane Evans

“Getting younger”

“I was recommended to try Martin by a mutual friend about 18 months ago, but if someone had told me then that I would end up going to the gym 2 or 3 times a week, and looking forward to paying this guy good money to torture me every Friday, I’d have said they were mad. But that’s what has happened.

“Martin unlocks hidden potential using great skill, constant encouragement and a tremendous personality – he even laughs when I threaten to drop the dumb bells on him. He’s helped me give up smoking; significantly raised my general fitness levels; and strengthened post operative shoulders to the point I can now consider sailing again. If only his jokes were that good!”

Bob Broome, age 63 and getting younger every Friday

“Young at heart again”

“Martin has trained me over the past year. My goal was to get back  to running as I had lost confidence due to knee and ligament problems. Within 5 weeks I was back running 5k  without fear of injury and feeling great!

“Martin’s personality is well suited to physical training as he is intuitive and  motivational whilst making you feel at ease. Not only does he know his stuff , he is fun to be around and has trained all of my family at different times over the years.  Along with this he is flexible , punctual and respectful.

“I look forward to our sessions together and I am feeling healthy ,energised and  young at heart again. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

Louise Rapley, age 59

“I would recommend him to anyone”

Martin has trained me for the past 5 years. He is extremely encouraging, knowledgeable and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Robert Carter, age 38

“Done me a great deal of good”

“I first met Martin via medical referrals and have trained with him since then, we are into our seventh year. He is always helpful and is very knowledgeable. I strongly recommend him. he has done me a great deal of good.”

Mike Nicholass, age 76

“Infectious enthusiasm”

“Martin has trained me every week for eight years. I have a balance problem and find walking difficult. It has been his infectious enthusiasm and constant encouragement that has kept me going cheerfully.”

Trish, age 82

“Giving me confidence”

“I have been training with Martin for over a year now and I believe that if I hadn’t met him I would have quit a long time ago.  His desire and passion for what he does is amazing, and the fact he has read the type of person I am, and trains me accordingly is great, pushing me forward and giving me the confidence to reach higher goals than I would think possible on my own.

“Martin is always available to answer any of my strange, annoying questions and has a weath of knowledge to draw on, giving informed answers has earns my trust in this regards, I know he has my well being and long term goals in mind and will answer to enable me to reach them. I look forward to training with Martin for many months and years to come!”

Russell Taylor, age 34

“Enabled me to get the best out of myself”

“I started keeping fit way back in the 1980s and initially became a reasonable long distance club runner. Eventually I took up triathlon then, as I grew older kept in reasonable shape but lacked motivation. I had stopped competing and had drifted into a very basic level of fitness.

“I noticed some of the personal trainers going about their business so asked at the desk about getting my own. I explained that I expected to be worked hard, but with structure as I wanted to be strong enough to pursue my new interest of mountain climbing. At the age of 50 it was important to get things right. I was immediately told that Martin was the fellow for me and thus began a coaching relationship that is in its 6th year. Martin Sorenson has subsequently steered me to a level of strength and confidence that was impossible to manage alone. I’m self-reliant and coached myself to a reasonable level of running fitness, but all round conditioning of the type offered by Martin is a very specialist area.

“Our linking up has been a great success and with Martin’s firm but encouraging programs I have continued to set new records even though I am now 56. I have climbed to 21,000 feet in the Himalayas; carried a 30lb pack for two days across some of the remotest Scottish mountains; dead lifted 140kg; managed some huge 1000 rep sessions and now plan to raise my altitude record as soon as I can. All this has been done because Martin has enabled me to get the best out of myself. If I go missing for a time he always gets in touch to see how I am and gives me words of encouragement which inevitably find us back into the program all this is accompanied by a smile and constant discussion of how to improve, adjust diet and plan ahead. I have no hesitation of recommending Martin Sorenson to anyone who wants to get into shape from no matter what base level of fitness. If you are willing to work, Martin’s skills and deep knowledge of the physical being will see you to levels you would not think possible.”

Paul Comerford, age 56


“Martin is highly encouraging and knowledgeable. The workouts are intensive, efficient and dare I say it fun, Brilliant! Thank you.”

Dombey Wallage, age 41

“Martin really knows his stuff”

“I started working with Martin a few years ago, following an injury to my left shoulder. I had damaged a rotator cuff muscle which was surprisingly painful and which severely restricted the movement in my left arm.

“After many weeks of intensive physiotherapy and visits to my GP, which really didn’t help at all, a friend suggested I consult Martin to see if sports therapy could help. As surgery, which I really didn’t want, was my only other option I decided to give sports therapy a try.

“Following an initial consultation and assessment, Martin gave me a tailor made program not only to strengthen the damaged muscle but also to improve my general fitness. Within a few weeks I had regained most of the use of my arm and the pain had virtually disappeared. A few more weeks and the problem had gone completely.

“I have continued working with Martin periodically as I now find the benefits of regular training are very important to me. I am much healthier and fitter than I used to be.

“I am not someone who found going to the gym easy so having an expert to motivate, guide and advise me has been really helpful. Martin really knows his stuff and is very easy to get along with.”

Patrick Leppard, age 57

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