A message from Martin

In today’s stressful times, we can often find it hard to ‘make time’ for fitness, even with the best intentions. With so many everyday obligations, be they work or family, it’s easy to put important things such as keeping fit or improving health to the back of your list.

The irony is that, once you make the switch to good habits, you feel better and you become more productive and focused for your daily obligations.

Martin in T-shirt with someone working out


How can I help you?

I’m a well-qualified personal trainer with more than 16 years’ experience within the fitness industry.

I specialise in working with older clients, aged over 40 years, who are interested in improving their health and fitness, often despite health problems and regardless of their level of experience.

The man with the fitness plan, the man with the gym van

My self-contained ‘gym on wheels’ is a van filled with fitness equipment. I am always adding new equipment to my repertoire.

Martin in the van

This saves you all the extra fuss of having to make time to get to the gym and work out, before taking more time to return home.

I simply turn up at the agreed time, with minimal fuss, mess or clutter, and am adaptable to be able to work within your home setting or any outdoor location.

A fitness plan to fit your needs

My workouts are fun, tailor made and varied, with a keen emphasis on progression. Each one is different and designed for a specific outcome. One size does not fit all.

With time, consistency and effort, you can achieve dramatic results. With my exclusive service I guarantee to take the fuss out of fitness. All you need is a regular time to work out, and very little outside of that.

Contact me today to arrange a consultation and let me devise a plan for you.

All the best, Martin Sorenson

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